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Playbook Value Proposition


Packed with solutions and highly  visual discussions to:


  • Explore the digitized future using new design criteria to create real value for the user                                                                                

  • Foster radical innovation through an inspiring framework for action                              

  • Gather the right people to build highly-motivated teams                      

  • Apply Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Big Data Analytics, and Lean Start-up using new tools and a fresh new perspective              

  • Create Minimum Viable Ecosystems (MVEs) for digital processes and services which becomes for example essential in building Blockchain applications



How might we design the perfect design Thinking Playbook for makers, decision-makers and innovators, interested in the traditional, present and future success factors in a playful way?


"If I were a decision maker, I want a design Thinking Playbook that I can give to all my management and all my employees, because I would be able to bring such a new way of thinking, methods and tools transversally into the organization."


Future success factors:

  • Best Customer Experience      through Artifical Intelligence

  • Big Data Analytics for  new Customer Insights

  • Robots and machines as  customers of tomorrow

  • Use Idea to Scale as  a framework for innovation

  • Solve the problem problematically

  • Implement successful and agile   solutions successfully.


04 / Users

The Playbook is the first book about design thinking that this mindset lives from the first to the last page. The Playbook comes from three typical design thinking users:

  • Peter is an innovation manager at a large corporation.

  • Lilly works as a design thinking and Lean start-up coach at a university.

  • Marc is an entrepreneur with a strong tech background.


Design Thinking is a typical interface science. Many experts from different fields apply design thinking and supplement their methods and approaches with the Thinking Mindset design.



In the Playbook, numerous experts share their knowledge and provide comprehensive insights into how we can successfully launch innovationsfor tomorrow.


The playbook covers many digital innovation aspects and at the same time goes beyond digital:

 Digital Transformation oftens start with a Design Thinking worshop.For new digital offerings, the Ecosystem needs to be designed.New digital offerings requires different design criteria.New organisational forms should based on a teams-of-teams structures. The processes shall be lean and agile.A new mindset should be defined by the organizations covering these aspects.


Example of key learnings - Traditional Success Factors 

Example of key learnings - Actual Success Factors

Example of key learnings - Future Sucsess Factors 


In contrast to other Design Thinking manuals, the design Thinking Playbook focuses on:


  • an updated interpretation of the Design Thinking Mindset

  • Increased awareness of the design criteria of the future

  • Successful implementation and scaling of ideas

  • the combination of approaches (e.g., system thinking)

  • the relevance of strategic foresight and visual visions

  • the free design of a mindset for the respective organization

  • to do it as a long time to think about it.

Keep-up the design thinking mind-set and start hunting for the next big opportunity!

Larry Leifer

Professor für Mechanical Engineering Design, Stanford University

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