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Grüezi, Servus,Welcome!

DTP-C  / Who is it?

We are an open community of creators, entrepreneurs, scientists, design thinking coaches, facilitators, corporate executives, managers and innovation leaders.We are interdisciplinary and creative. We are an open community to promote 

DTP-C / What is special?

The DTP community lives the design Thinking Mindset. We share our knowledge, have a positive attitude and carry this spirit into the implementation of our daily challenges. This is how we have managed not only to establish design thinking globally,but also to continually develop the Mindset through new perspectives.

DTP-C / Why joining?

As a DTP community member, you have free access to a unique network. In addition, you will find exciting news and know when the relevant events take place. Of course you have access to new methods and tools that the community develops and discusses in the near future.

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Design Thinking Handbuch
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